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I am absolutely thrilled by Susannah Conway’s announcement of her book deal. As Susannah says, ‘Here’s some proof that if you put a dream into words – and put it out there – the planets will align to help make it happen.’ 

What started as an e-course will become an ‘Unravelling’ book full of beautiful concepts, photographs, creativity, an ‘elegant journal with polaroids slipped between the pages…’ It already sounds delicious and 144 people have so far commented that they will read and buy, and buy for friends and family. And through the pages of Susannah’s blog, the opportunity to engage with the potential readership is already unfolding. Inspirational!  

I am a great lover of Australian singer songwriters. Well, any singer song writers really, but there are some special Australians I love in this genre. Stephen Cummings is right up there: singer, song-writer, poet, novelist, rock star…I love his song, ‘Fell from a great height’:

‘I fell from a great height
Scrambling with myth and light
Surrendered to a dream
That was absolutely right
I fell from a great height’

The song has such layers and  depth, continuing to evolve as you listen over time. Beautiful. The song was also a duet with Toni Childs and appeared on her compilation album, Best of Toni Childs in 1995. I especially love the acoustic version on Stephen’s album, ‘Close-ups.’ 

And finally, Sage Cohen has a gem of an opportunity for poets with ‘The Life Poetic iphone contest.’ You are invited to submit up to three, unpublished poems that you feel represent the spirit of “the life poetic” for consideration by July 4, 2010. Sage will choose her favorite 365 for inclusion in a “Life Poetic” iPhone app that features a poem a day for a year. What an enduring way to celebrate the life poetic!

Image by jmtimages,  used under a Creative Commons license.