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Wild weather and the power’s out here in town this morning. The lack of being able to do anything – make coffee, cook breakfast, wash clothes – reflects how I feel here in ‘Transcending’ at the moment.

I know the lights will go on again and the charge will surge through, but all is strangely flat and without spark after what felt like a strong start in a new space here. So, to regroup.

I wrote about ‘The Value of Howling into the Wind’ early on and the value of writing and getting out there and moving, even if it seemed no-one was watching or reading. My last post was about getting to back to basics on ‘Transcending’, the word, the concept and what it means to me.

‘Transcending’ defines the connection of so much and is my modus operandi: my work life, my personal life, my creative life and the need to cut through, strategise, climb across and rise above.

The tools for me:

writing, poetry

family history

strategy, planning and goal-setting

creative connection and reading

music and the right song at the right time

the words of songs

a perfect image that sings with how I feel

symbols, associations, metaphors

story, narrative

time alone

a walk on the beach

connecting fully with another

the synergy of good conversation

twitter and reading and connecting via blogs

What’s not working for me:

difficulty in finding time to write

no time to myself

no time to plan next steps here

The ‘no time’ business is not something I normally say; I know no-one will give me any more time. I am with Chris Guillebeau when he says in a recent post: 

My strategic plan is: say yes to everything.  The tactic is: get up early and stay up late.

I said to myself a while ago ‘no more either/or’ after reading Danielle LaPorte’s great post on the suck factor of life balance. No more waiting till you get time for writing; no more thinking about waiting till you retire or get some leave, write now.  But it is a fact that my time is squeezed at present and the special time for recharge is what is scarce.

So a resettling now of finding this precious time to recharge, to climb across and transcend, to find the power source. Being an introvert who spends all day with people, it will be powering up through this room, this space, this candle, that cafe, that beach, that song and this white page I can find a space in to shine through.

Send some encouraging thoughts and tell me what you need to do to power up. It might help spark some quiet action here…and maybe elsewhere.

Image, Candle by Nick Merzetti from flickr and used under a Creative Commons license with thanks