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You wonder about all the time you spend online sometimes, where it’s heading, where it’s taking you. Where all the twitter followers might take you, how you can ever read all the valued work of the people you follow; for me: the writers, readers, bloggers, family historians, cancer researchers, vintage lovers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and other ‘out theres’ paving a blazing way.

You wonder how you might ever keep up with all the blogs you love and subscribe to, clumsily it seems, through a series of readers that overwhelm you. You wonder how you will capture the essence of each crafted voice and message you admire or learn from and how you will apply them to your own journey.

And then you lie here in the middle of the night in hospital after an operation, full of painkillers and strange emotions, and receive the most blessed message from a fellow traveller, more a leader and teacher, met through your various journeys in your online world.

In this case, it’s from Susannah Conway, angel and muse to me and many, as we are in the middle of engaging in our Unravelling 2 e-course journey. In the midst of pain, the message about ‘Stories’ and what we will be thinking through and working on this week hits a poignant space, the tears start but it also makes my heart soar and immediately celebrate possibilities. And I start writing again, if here, full of painkillers in the middle of the night.

That’s why I twitter, blog,  flickr, read blogs, subscribe to Susannah Conway, Colleen Wainwright, Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, Sage Cohen, Shanna Germain, Jonathan Fields and Joanna Penn. Why I love the creative inventions and reinventions I find on etsy and in delish and love reading about people dealing with fear and challenges in fearless.  Why I engage with these very special people and their products, read their work and their reviews, listen to their podcasts, follow their entrepreneurship, their stories, their journeys, buy their books, join their online classes and apply the thoughts, processes and aspirations to myself as I journey on.

It all leads to engaging with like others and knowing what real stories I can tell, what my role as angel and muse in an online space might be, finding the unique transcendent voice that might articulate the story or experience that others might learn from, add to or grow from, imperfect and flawed as it is, a reaching to a sacred creative place.


No dramas with the op – I am fine and recovering and it’s nothing major!

If you do have a recommendation for an RSS reader that doesn’t overwhelm or any other strategies for dealing with all the blogs you come across and want to keep up with, I would heartily appreciate any tips!