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Some gems about gathering creative ideas and being productive:

In ‘Capturing Your Creative Ideas‘, Victoria Smith outlines a range of strategies, both digital and non-digital, for capturing and organising creative ideas. As ‘ideas and creative inspirations are our currency’, Victoria provides many practical suggestions for how to collect and curate our inputs and thoughts so we are ready to move when the opportunity arises.

In ‘Writers, Inspiration and the Ideas we Collect‘, Benison O’Reilly writes about my favourite bird, the satin bowerbird, and the male bowerbird’s penchant for gathering blue objects into his bower to attract his female mate. Benison captures how, like the bowerbird, writers gather what attracts them and the ideas that come together. As Benison says, ‘All writers need to be bowerbirds’, open, alert, looking for what connects us and making the links.

In ‘Creating Perfect Solitude for Creative Focus‘, Leo Babauta provides suggestions for how to find the right time to create, how to schedule it, clear the desk, disconnect and generally keep the creative environment simple and productive.

What gems do you have on creativity?