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What you taught us:

Go to the beach
Stand in rock pools, feel the water and look out
Take a walk whatever the weather and be excited by it
Life is a minute to minute adventure
Stop to smell and sense the detail
Just be quietly close by when anyone is feeling sad or sick
Greetings are important and show how much you love
It’s okay just to be your beautiful self

I am sure there is more and this will evolve in our learning from you. But in these days of raw and recent grief for you, Maisie, these thoughts are the most immediate.
You taught us so much and we often didn’t realise it.

You will be very much missed.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese beautiful photos are by my daughter Caitlin. Fortunately, Maisie loved the camera and Caitlin is a gifted photographer so much to reflect on.