A special hello to all Transcending readers and subscribers!

It’s been a little quiet here as I have taken time over the past year to think about Transcending as a blog and its future and focus.

I’m excited to let you know that Transcending has transformed into a new blog and focus, Quiet Writing, that has recently launched into the world.

Transcending has been a critical space in the world for me: a place to write, create and connect with like-minded others, borne out of challenging times. I hope it’s also been of value to you. It’s been important for me to value Transcending, to keep it intact as the heart of the new blog and to build on the work of these times, crafted over more than 6 years. The key theme and messages remain consistent but they shift to a new level and look. Quiet Writing is also the heart of a new creative life and business focus at this time.

Whilst Transcending has shifted over and is held within the new blog, the subscriptions it seems have not.  So if you would like to learn about where Quiet Writing is heading and to keep in touch, I encourage you to read this Welcome to Quiet Writing post and to sign up by email from there so that we can keep connected. I have many exciting adventures planned for the future.

A big thank you to those readers who have already signed up to the new space.

Just to give you a taste, here’s what you can expect from Quiet Writing:

  • Reflections on my experiences of quiet writing as I negotiate it as a central value
  • Ideas on the writing process and how to grow, express and value your unique voice
  • A focus on the strengths of quietness and introversion to cultivate depth and connection
  • A lot about the art and value of living quietly – creative spaces, our environment, relationships
  • Conversations about books, reading, influences and podcasts that celebrate this kind of life
  • Thought pieces on creative connections: tarot, astrology, symbols, Jungian psychology
  • An exploration of contexts such as leadership, innovation, productivity, planning, strategy and managing introversion in public roles.

And into the future, I am planning much more, with Quiet Writing being the core of a heart centred gathering of like minded people with sharing of influences and connections to bring us all alive.

I thank you all so much for your support of Transcending over the past years. Your support has kept me committed to writing and creating through the busiest of times in a spirit of transcending, rising above, cutting through and connecting. And I have very much valued our connection and sharing of influences. These threads remain the heart of Quiet Writing and I hope to see you there.

With all best wishes and gratitude,